While overlooking all the arrangements for the arrival of the little one, shopping for all the essentials leads the to-do list. Obviously, you want all the essential items to be prepared before the baby arrives. While you are setting up the baby’s room, it is important that you have all the necessary items for the little one. From clothes to feeding items to nursery essentials, all baby products are must-haves. It is no surprise that newborns require a considerable supply of their essentials so you definitely need to sort out what and how much you need to get. 

Instead of buying each item, the practical way is to curate a baby hamper Singapore. Such gift sets are useful and make a beautiful gift. A perfect gift hamper will be based on practicality, inclusivity, and thoughtfulness. Are you wondering what to skip and add to a gorgeous baby hamper? Don’t stress! In this article, we have enlisted the entire baby essentials checklist that is mandatory needed by new parents. So, continue reading till the end as we reveal the complete list of essentials for the little one. 

Lovingly Signed

Lovingly Signed has a blend of unique and practical gifts for new parents. Along with plenty of little items, the baby hamper Singapore at this store is not to be skipped. The store offers readymade gift sets that are specially designed for newborns considering all their needs. They are fully aware of the needs of newborns and therefore, all their hampers contain functional items while being cute inside out. Also, you can pick your favorite items from this store and prepare a hamper by yourself. Lovingly Signed has fabulous goodies for the little one so your little one gets all of their must-haves. 

Baby Essentials Checklist 

Some essentials must be present inside a hamper. Along with baby essentials, there must be something entertaining for the baby. Let’s see what items you cannot skip at any cost. 

  • Clothing: A comfy loungewear and a cozy night suit are what your hamper must contain. You can get a soft babygrow or bodysuit so your baby can relax and feel comfortable in it all day long. Moreover, choose clothes made of cotton and bamboo since they are eco-friendly and let your baby feel fresh. 
  • Blanket: To ensure that your baby gets a sound sleep, a blanket is necessary. A soft and comfortable blanket made of premium cotton wraps your baby tightly and ensures a peaceful sleep. With a cozy blanket, your baby will easily nestle down and stays in comfort throughout the night. Even the size is perfect to be carried anywhere you want to.
  • Towel: And something for the bath-time as well! A good-quality towel will ensure rapid drying after a bath and protect your baby from catching any cold. Make sure that the towel you choose is made of 100% cotton so it stays gentle on your baby’s skin. Pick the hooded towel so that the head of the baby stays warm. So, towels are not to be missed no matter what.
  • Comforter: Every baby needs a comfort zone at times of separation with mommies. Offering the baby a comforter is the best gift you will ever present. So, let it be nappy changing or bedtime, a velvety, soft comforter will be the source of comfort for the little one. It offers security and protection and therefore, is a good cuddle partner for your baby.
  • Jellycat Bunny: What’s a hamper without entertaining items for the little one? Jellycat Bunny rules every other ordinary stuffed toy. Every baby needs a friend right from birth and this sumptuous bunny is ready to prove to be the most loyal one. This huggable pal makes the best play partner, someone who listens to adorable babblings, and even spreads laughter. Hence, when designing a hamper, don’t forget this adorable bunny for your cute little baby. 
  • Storybooks: Of course, you want your baby to learn new things. Storybooks not only offer exciting stories but also stimulate the cognitive skills of kids. Let it be bedtime or story time during the day, every baby enjoys listening to adventurous stories that take them to their amusing imaginations. Don’t forget to add this to your premium hamper.
  • Teether: The teething process is a lot hurting for the little one. Provide comfort to your baby with rubbery teethers that are safe and easy to be grasped and chewed. Sore gums will not be a problem for kids anymore so they must have a special position in your hamper.

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Mark the checklist by adding all these baby essentials to your hamper. At Lovingly Signed, you can build your own baby hamper Singapore will all these above-mentioned items. Happy baby shopping!

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