Split air cooling unit KENWOOD 1853S offers a higher capacity to cool with 1800 BTUs. It is designed for rooms or areas of 150-180 square feet. The advanced inverter technology that allows it to alter its compressor speed based on the temperature of the surrounding and load of cooling is one of its most important features. This enables more consistent temperature control and energy-efficient operation, and lower wear and tear on compressors.

Condensers and evaporators with golden fins with enhanced corrosion resistance and durability, are included in the 1853S Kenwood. This is why it’s the ideal model to be used in coastal areas as well as other locations that have high humidity or salt exposure. Overall the Kenwood 1853S air conditioner is a reliable and powerful air conditioner that comes with modern features that will keep you cool during winter and summer. There are many outstanding attributes that are included in the Inverter AC.

DC Inverter Compressor

The best DC inverter compressor available is Kenwood 1853s. The primary benefits of the DC brushless compressor are its quiet operation, its compact design, long-lasting life and the ability to conserve energy and provide better capacity management. All of these make for a more relaxing living space for those who use the device.

R410a Gas

Air conditioning used in the Kenwood 1853s utilizes the hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerant known as R410A. It’s also known under the name Genetron R410A or Puron. The refrigerant was developed to fill the role of the ozone depleting R-22 that is currently being eliminated due to its negative environmental effects. It is a safe, non-toxic not flammable and non-corrosive refrigerant can be found in R410A. Increased efficiency of heat transfer and better system performance and a greater cooling capacity are the main advantages of making use of R410A refrigerant. It’s also more ecologically friendly as compared to R-22 as well as other refrigerants since it has a much smaller chance of causing global warming.

100% Copper pipes

Kenwood 1853s Kenwood 1853s is made up exclusively of copper pipe. By making use of tubes and pipe products modern technology has successfully tap into the extraordinary properties of copper and its alloys. The specific needs for the air conditioning industry are met by the copper’s inherent properties. Due to the demand, there are upgraded copper pipes that offer better efficiency in operation and suppression or elimination of undesirable emissions. While it’s been in use since the beginning of the age of copper, it has gained popularity in recent years due to its contemporary qualities of lightweight, corrosion resistance and the strength. The form and design of modern copper has changed due to changing market needs and legislative demands. This means that the traditional product is now an updated, resource-saving ecologically efficient, and economical device.

Turbo Operation

In its Turbo operating mode it is possible to use the Turbo operating mode so that KENWOOD 1853S cooling system is able to quickly and effectively chill rooms. The result is a boost in airflow as well as a boost in the air conditioner’s cooling capabilities when it is in Turbo Mode, which assists to cool the room quicker.

The air conditioner will operate in Turbo mode until it reaches its maximum cooling capacity for a specific duration of time prior to returning back to standard setting. This is useful in situations where you require speedy cool a space like the first time you enter an uncomfortable, hot area. It is useful when you need to quickly cool a room. Kenwood 1853S’s Turbo feature is due to the sophisticated inverter technology. Through adjusting the speed in accordance with the need for cooling as well as temperature of the room the compressor can run the air conditioner efficiently and efficiently, even in Turbo mode, thanks to the inverter technology.

Overall all, this KENWOOD 1853S’s turbo running feature is an excellent option for quick cooling of the space you require it, while also ensuring the effectiveness of the air conditioner and effectiveness.

Operation with low voltage

KENWOOD 1853S’s capability to operate at low voltages will not affect its performance. It is able to begin and function at an extremely low voltage of just 150V, thanks to its low voltage starting capability. The air conditioner will continue to operate even when low voltages, it is especially beneficial in regions that have frequent voltage fluctuations.

The KEC-1853S’s inverter technology is intelligent and lets you use the low voltage function. Since the compressor is able alter its speed according to the load of cooling and the voltage supply, thanks to inverter technology that allows the air conditioner to perform efficiently and effectively even in low voltages. The KEC-1853S comes with an integrated voltage stabilizer it along with it having a low voltage start-up, that further protects the unit from voltage fluctuations and ensures that it operates smoothly and safely.

Overall the KENWOOD 1.5 Ton eEco Plus Inverter KEC-1853S is an air conditioner that’s a reliable and effective choice even in areas that have a lot of voltage fluctuations because of its capability to operate at low voltage.

Wrapping Up

M&S Electronics has been a prominent part of the electronic industry in Pakistan since 2007. We only work with vendors who have proved the reliability of their products to us over time. Kenwood is among the few.

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