The scheduling of Instagram Stories was one of the most requested features by marketing professionals who work on social networks. And this function could only be performed through the Business Suite of the thing.

But I was using only the Business Suite limited professionals who needed help integrating multiple media operations in one place.

All this changed after the new update of the sanctioned Instagram API, which took place on 16 May 2023 and made it possible for labs to count on the point!

Yes, you read it right. Your prayers were heard on social media. In addition to being suitable for recording posts in the feed, carousel, and Instagram rolls, you can also record Stories through means.

In this context, we will explain step by step how to record your Instagram Stories posts and the advantages of this!

What are Instagram Stories?

Still, I will explain it to you!

If you spent a little time out of the earth’s route or did not like social networks, you need to learn what Stories are.

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Stories are temporary content that can be participated on social networks, similar to Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

They have only 24 hours, creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity.

With Stories, you can show the most delightful moments of your day, give a little drive on the products you’re dealing with, converse with your followers, and much further.

The success of the Stories format is due to authenticity and naturalness. No overproduced editions; it’s all based on” it can be good, it can be wrong, but it’ll be genuine.”

What’s the significance of scheduling Instagram Stories?

Scheduling stories allows you to plan and organize your social media strategy efficiently.

You can record them in advance rather than having to flash back to post a story daily. This ensures the content is published at the ideal time to achieve maximum views and engagement.

In addition, scheduling stories allows you to maintain a constant presence on social networks when you’re busy or unapproachable. This avoids the interruption of your daily routine and ensures that you continue to connect with your followership regularly.

How to record Stories on Instagram in 5 ways?

For those on social media and working with several Instagram accounts, logging into each of them is a nearly insolvable job.

That is why mLabs exists, to unite several platforms in one place and grease the operation of social networks as much as possible.

We will tell you further about the advantages of using Stories scheduling; check it out.

Step 1

To record a Story through mLabs, log in to your account or produce a free trial account and use the features for seven days.

Step 2

Click” schedule post” and select the stories icon in the channel selection block. As in the images below

Step 3

also, click on” images and vids” to upload your content.

Step 4

After uploading the train, you can view it, as shown in the image below.

The ideal size for this type of schedule is 916( an illustration dimension is 900 x 1600).

Step 5

still, choose the post’s date and time and click on” schedule publication,” publish now,” or” shoot for blessing ” If everything is fine with the image after assaying the exercise.

All movables you make using Instagram are automatically published on the chosen date and time without confirmation on the mobile phone. It’s an efficient and helpful process!

But, after all, what are the advantages of using Instagram Stories scheduling?

The scheduling of mLabs Stories has more than just the union of several Instagram accounts and other media in one place as a benefit.

Still, we will prove each one of them to you now!

If you still need to be induced, the resource can bring numerous advantages to your daily life.

Thickness and Advanced

counting on this function allows you to maintain a harmonious presence on social networks

You can plan and record the content in advance, indicating a steady inflow of stories to engage the followership.

Time savings

By cataloging stories, you save precious time.

Rather than posting several stories manually every day, you can devote a specific period to scheduling multiple contents for several accounts at formerly.

Effective strategy

The point allows you to plan your social media strategy more efficiently.

Consider the content to have participated, the ideal times to post, and the sequence of content to produce engaging narratives.

Analysis of criteria

With maps, it’s possible to pierce colorful reports and results in graphs for Instagram Stories.

A real gold mine for those who want to optimize the content on the channel and achieve different results. And the stylish? Everything is proven so that you can compare data and produce a more complete analysis!

In short, story scheduling is an effective strategy to maintain a harmonious presence, save time and produce a more effective social media strategy.

By taking advantage of mLabs’ story scheduling, you can ease your online presence and connect further poignant with your followership.

What are the other functions of mLabs for Instagram?

With maps, in addition to scheduling Stories, you can record other content formats similar to rolls, Photos, Videos, and Carousel! The process is veritably analogous to organizing Stories, changing some details similar to the selection of the format and media.

In addition, you can also save a list with the leading hashtags and reply, label, and do all the operations of direct dispatches from Instagram and Facebook.

Still, the advantages continue!

Through the platform, it’s possible to view complete reports for criteria analysis. Evaluating the data allows you to find strengths and sins, miscalculations and successes, maintain the types of content that induce positive results, and bar those that don’t perform well.

We also have mLab’s perceptivity, which automatically generates clones for you to enjoy the stylish of Artificial Intelligence and apply it to your creations snappily and effectively.

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