Parkinson’s disease is a progressive condition that has no cure. But some restorative choices can assist you in managing the symptoms of Parkinsonian syndrome better. This condition does not significantly reduce the life expectancy. However, the symptoms of this health condition can make it problematic for people to perform their routine work.

It clearly shows it needs multiple levels of adjustment. Since the condition affects every person differently, some strategies can help them cope with the symptoms socially, emotionally, and physically.

How to Manage the Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease?

If your companion or a loved one is suffering from Parkinson’s disease, there are some unique ways you can help them cope with its symptoms:

1. Know About the Disease

The parkinsonian syndrome is a movement disorder. If you’re working as a caregiver for someone suffering from this ailment, you could be familiar with some of its symptoms.

But it’s also crucial to learn what exactly causes such symptoms, how this condition develops, and the type of treatments which can help manage it. Besides that, it also does not manifest similarly for every person.

If you wish to offer your complete support and care to a person suffering from Parkinson’s disease, you must have proper information about it. You can research various reputed and reliable websites or read medical journals about it.

For medical appointments, you should go with your loved one and ask the physician all the vital questions. Once you’re well informed about the condition, you will know when to offer your help.

2. Simplify Dressing

Clothing tools like long-handled shoe horns, zipper pulls, dressing sticks, button aids, and sock aids will make dressing a lot easier. Opt for shoes and clothes with Velcro or elastic straps.

People suffering from Parkinson’s disease should be seated when getting dressed, grooming, and bathing. When the condition keeps progressing, they might need help with these activities.

3. Consume Healthy Food

People with Parkinsonian syndrome will experience constipation, weight loss, dehydration, and bone thinning. But individuals who have this condition can manage these issues by consuming healthy food.

  • Consume adequate fruits, vegetables, and whole grains daily
  • Restrict your fat consumption
  • Restrict the consumption of sodium, salt, and sugar
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol [Ensure it doesn’t interact with the medications that you take]
  • Consume adequate water daily
  • Opt for food products that contain calcium, Vitamin K, magnesium, and Vitamin D, as they will make the bones stronger.

Try to Stay Active

Working out is extremely crucial for individuals who live with Parkinson’s disease. Experts have pointed out that exercise will help the brain to utilise dopamine, a chemical that can help a person move efficiently.

Fitness can enhance the quality of life, memory, balance, and strength in individuals who suffer from this condition. Encourage those with this condition to remain active.

Go out for daily walks or join a yoga or dance class together. These workout programs will help increase coordination.

4. Volunteer to Help

Regular activities, such as cleaning, cooking, and shopping, can become difficult when you’re suffering from a movement disorder. At times, individuals who suffer from Parkinson’s disease will need help with these tasks.

But they might feel embarrassed to ask for help. If you find your loved one, a close friend, cannot take care of all the regular responsibilities, you should help them out.

You can run errands, prepare meals, take medical appointments, get medications from the pharmacy, and help with daily tasks. That way, they can feel more relieved, and help them cope with the symptoms.

5. Enable Them to Get Social

Because of communication problems and several other factors, many people with Parkinsonian syndrome hesitate to socialize. But you should encourage them to spend time with friends and family. That way, they will not feel lonely and witness improvement in their condition.

Final Words

Parkinson’s disease can prevent individuals from performing their regular tasks. The symptoms of this condition are severe, and they might need your help with things.

So, if you wish to help your loved one or friend, you can take care of their errands, help them dress, and take them to doctor’s appointments. Be by their side to make them feel better.

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