If you’re planning a classic bohemian wedding, you’re in for a treat. Bohemian weddings are known for their free-spirited and whimsical vibes. This is why many people opt for a full-fledged photo booth set up to capture their favorite moments on their Bohemian-inspired wedding day. But a photo booth experience will always be incomplete without some complementing props and signs. 

In this article, we’ll share some of the best wedding photo booth props that are perfect for a classic bohemian celebration. 

Flower Crowns

Nothing screams bohemian more than beautiful flower crowns. These delicate and ethereal accessories are a must-have for your wedding photo booth. You can either provide an assortment of flowers and greenery for guests to create their own unique crowns or give them ready-made hand-crafted options to celebrate your big day in style.

Vintage Hats

Add a dash of old-world charm to your photo booth with a collection of vintage hats. Bowler hats, wide-brimmed floppy hats, or even a dapper top hat can create a sense of nostalgia and adventure. You can also encourage your guests to try on different hats and strike a pose. The resulting photos will transport you to a bygone era. Promise!

Boho Textiles

Embrace the bohemian spirit by incorporating colorful and patterned textiles into your photo booth setup. You can use vintage rugs, embroidered tapestries, or macramé backdrops that can serve as the perfect backdrop for your guest’s snapshots. 


Dreamcatchers are another magical creations that will lend an air of mysticism to your photos. Your guests can interact with them and create visually captivating moments. 

Boho-Inspired Masks

Masks serve as the perfect photo booth accessory. There are plenty of options for you to experiment with. Some of our faves include feathered masks, lace masquerade masks, or floral-embellished masks. All of these options will allow your guests to unleash their inner bohemian alter ego. 

Musical Instruments

Music is a significant part of the bohemian culture. Why not allow your guests to channel their inner musicians by including musical instruments as props? Guitars, ukuleles, tambourines, or even handheld drums can create a lively and festive atmosphere. Plus, these props will add a splash of color to your clicks too. 

Speech Bubbles

Chalkboard speech bubbles are our personal favorite  These speech bubbles can be held or hung, and they will add a personal touch to your wedding photos. From heartfelt messages to silly jokes, these props will create lasting memories.

Free-Spirited Quotes

Bohemian weddings are often associated with free-spiritedness and a carefree attitude. What better way to make your Bohemian setup stand out than to add signs featuring inspirational quotes that reflect this sentiment? Quotes like “Live Life in Full Color,” “Embrace the Wild Unknown,” or “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching” will evoke a sense of joy and liberation in your guests and result in beautifully spontaneous and authentic photos.

Bohemian-Inspired Signs

You can also bring the beauty of nature into your photo booth with signs adorned with botanical illustrations or floral accents. “Bloom Where You’re Planted,” “Let Love Blossom,” or “Find Magic in Nature” are perfect examples. These signs will complement the bohemian aesthetic and remind your guests of the enchanting natural elements surrounding them. A few more options could be…

  • Whimsical Directional Signs

Create a sense of wonder and adventure with whimsical directional signs that guide your guests through the photo booth experience. Signs pointing to “Dreamland,” “Laughter Zone,” or “Magic Moments” will add a touch of mystique and encourage your guests to explore the different corners of the photo booth.

  • Boho-Style Hashtags

You can incorporate popular hashtags into your photo booth signs to encourage your guests to share their pictures on social media. Create signs featuring boho-style hashtags such as “#BohoLove,” “#FreeSpiritSnaps,” or “#WhimsicalWedding.” This will allow your guests to tag their photos and join in the online celebration of your special day.

Apart from these, you can also create a unique and personalized hashtag for your wedding and add it to your photo booth signs. A few examples include signs featuring your wedding hashtag, such as “#SmithsBohoLove” or “#HappilyEverAfterJones.” These will not only encourage guests to use the hashtag but also create a sense of unity and excitement among them.

  • Love Story Signs

Another thing you can do is tell your love story through photo booth signs by showcasing significant milestones or moments in your relationship. Signs like “From Once Upon a Time to Happily Ever After” will engage your guests and invite them to become a part of your love story. Not only this, but these signs will spark creativity and result in heartfelt and sentimental photos.

  • Insta-Worthy Signs

Let your guests strike their best poses with signs that exclaim, “Strike a Pose,” “Ready, Set, Snap!” or “Say Cheese.” These photo booth signs will inspire your guests to let loose, have fun, and create picture-perfect memories.

  • Bohemian-inspired Symbols

Looking for something extraordinary for your big day? Photo booth signs with bohemian-inspired symbols are your answer. Signs like feathers, dreamcatchers, or mandalas will make your photo booth setup look absolutely classy and thematic.

  • Fun Emoji Signs

Add a modern twist to your photo booth signs by including bohemian-themed emojis. These include signs featuring a flower crown emoji, peace sign emoji,  a dancing emoji, and many more. These fun signs will bring a lighthearted and playful vibe to your photo booth. 

  • Love & Wanderlust

Last but not least, you can also express your love for adventure and wanderlust with signs that embrace the bohemian spirit. “Love is the Greatest Adventure,” “Wander Forever, Love Always,” or “Follow Your Bliss” are just a few examples. 

A classic bohemian wedding is all about embracing freedom, individuality, and natural beauty. By incorporating these wedding photo booth props, you can create an enchanting and exciting experience for your guests. From flower crowns and vintage hats to dreamcatchers and boho textiles, these props will infuse your photos with a sense of magic and create cherished memories of your special day.

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