The “PAX A920 Pro” is a mobile point-of-sale (POS) terminal that combines the functions of a payment device with the capabilities of a handheld computer. PAX Technology, a global provider of electronic payment solutions, offers the A920 Pro as an advanced solution for businesses looking to accept payments on the go while also having access to additional features. Here’s an overview of the PAX A920 Pro:

Mobile Point-of-Sale Terminal: The A920 Pro is designed to provide businesses with a versatile mobile POS solution. It allows businesses to process electronic payments, manage inventory, track sales, and perform various other tasks directly from the device.

Payment Processing: The device supports a variety of payment Pax a920 pro methods, including credit and debit cards, contactless payments (NFC), mobile wallets, and chip-and-PIN transactions.

Integrated Features:

Touchscreen Display: The A920 Pro features a large touchscreen display that enables easy navigation and interaction.

Connectivity: The device supports both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, allowing it to process payments virtually anywhere.

Built-in Printer: The integrated thermal printer allows businesses to print receipts for customers after transactions.

Camera: The built-in camera can be used for barcode scanning, QR code scanning, and other business applications.

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