Adorn yourself with these auspicious and highly stupendous ornaments of amethyst jewelry, and unleash the divine and unparalleled beauty of the February gemstone.

Amethyst Bracelet

Have you ever tried to give a thought about how to add an instant touch of beauty and elegant to your personality or attire without adorning heavy and colossal specimens of jewelry. Well, an amethyst bracelet is what all you need to surge the charm and elegance of your attire.

Whether it’s a festive eve or a formal corporate party, that exquisite and gleaming bracelet made out of fine quality amethyst would eventually captivate everyone’s eyes and attention with its cheerful hues and shimmer. Delightful and attractive, if you are fond of small gemstone ornaments, then having an amethyst bracelet is a must.

  1. Amethyst Pendant

Are you looking to surprise your spouse with a charming and beautiful gift to celebrate your 6th anniversary? Well, nothing better than giving her a stupendous and sizzling amethyst pendant, the shinning glow of which would surge her everlasting beauty in the most adorable manner.

The royal bluish-green color of that amethyst pendant could be paired with different outfits and can be worn on several occasions. Besides, it also tends to be an epitome of selfless love and affection, and will surely strengthen the emotional bond between you and your wife, leading to a healthy and happy relationship.

Amethyst Earrings

What’s better than wearing that glittering and flamboyant pair of amethyst earrings to and flaunt over their mystical and cheerful beauty with a sense of elation and pride on your face.

Get to choose between those long stud amethyst earrings or drop earrings. If you are looking for an everyday gemstone jewelry option, then go for stud earrings that lend a subtle, but significant touch of vibrant beauty. Else, that set of drop earrings will leave no stone unturned in letting you to flaunt over your ethnicity for a traditional event or festival. The intrinsic and significant metal work and alluring patters would leave you speechless and spell-bounded, driving you buy them instantly.

Amethyst Ring

Are you looking to wave off the beauty of your hand with a elegant and highly precious amethyst ring? Well, go for a cocktail-styled amethyst ring, with a large and shining piece of amethyst entrenched as the centerpiece and blemished with tiny diamonds or other gems on the sides surrounding the amethyst. And if you wish to explore the mystical and magical healing, metaphysical properties of amethyst, then remember to wear that positively charged amethyst ring in the index finger of your left hand.

Amethyst Necklace

The best way to wear and style an amethyst necklace, is to pair it with a simple and shimmering silver chain, for a minimalist and attractive look. Feel free to pair it either with a party-style attire or a formal dress for your office meeting. And if you unleash the trend and styles, then wear it as a standalone, or statement jewelry piece. You can even pair it with other necklaces made out of precious metals like gold or sterling silver jewelry, to have a bohemian or classy look.

Healing Properties of Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst Leads to Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment

Do you know that in the realm of gems and jewels, amethyst is deemed to be a stone of spirituality and adorning yourself with amethyst jewelry can let you to foster a strong connection with your own self and increase your self-awareness and attain higher consciousness. Besides, it can also surge your intuition and psychic abilities, besides leading to enlightenment and improving the scope of meditative practices.

Amethyst Fosters Peace and Calmness of Mind

By letting the mind to get free from chaos and mental disturbance, amethyst promotes harmony and peace of mind, by infusing calmness and tranquility. Also, it tends to improve the focus and the attention span of the wearer and let him improve his productivity.

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Amethyst is the Stone of Protection and Purity

Adorning yourself with exquisite and adorable amethyst jewelry can shield your soul and body against the adverse and lethal effects of negative and devilish energies lingering around in the aura. It can even combat against the spread of some gruesome diseases. Besides being a protective stone, amethyst also purifies the inner-soul as well as the heart, which let the wearer to radiate positivity and happiness.

Amethyst Leads to Physical Healing

Besides being a natural tonic for the well-being of the mind and soul, the miraculous powers and metaphysical properties of amethyst jewelry can do wonders to strengthen the overall health and immunity of the wearer. It leads to proper digestion of the food, recovery from diseases and muscle fatigue, as well as better circulation and detoxification of the blood.

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