Driving on the road is a challenge. When one takes traffic, weather and road conditions into account it take challenge the drivers even more. A combination of these factors threatens car road safety. Following the correct measures ensure safety. These measures not only save fellow passengers but also make the drive smooth. 

Using the horn is one of the most important factors of road safety and traffic. The horn alerts the other cars and pedestrians of the approaching vehicle. It is a traffic safety measure. However, excessive use of the car horn can lead to nuisance. 

Therefore, one must know the traffic etiquette before investing in the horn price. The sound of the horn must be distinctly clear. The price affects the horn’s durability, shelf life and sound quality. It ensures that the sound is clear and that the magnetic oil and the metal diaphragm connect to produce the sound. 

No Distraction while Driving 

It is best to keep the attention on the road while driving. Many car accessories ensure safety. For instance, one can buy the car accessories like the car windscreen, emergency and warning lights, taillights, fog lights and tyre pressure monitors. All these accessories guarantee safety.

10 Simple Tips for Car Road Safety  

  1. Maintain the Optimum Speed 

One of the most vital car road safety measures is to maintain the speed of the car. Each road, especially highways, has a recommended speed limit that the vehicle must follow. Also, it is advisable to slow down the car in residential, school and hospital areas. It promotes road safety and decreases the chances of accidents. 

  1. Wear a Seatbelt

A seatbelt keeps the driver safe in case of sudden jerking or impact. The seatbelt ensures that the weight is evenly spread out in the body. 

It has a design which allows contact with the parts of the body like shoulders, hips; etc. it can handle high force during impact. As a car road safety measure, it protects the spinal cord. Seat belts are more effective than the airbags. 

One cannot substitute the other. Airbags complement seatbelts. Wearing the seatbelt keeps one in a position that allows the airbag to open upon impact to stop the person from sustaining injuries. 

  1. Obey Traffic Signals

With the primary safety check, it is time to keep your eyes on the road. The driver must have an awareness of his surroundings. The traffic signals control the other cars. Following them will solve most of the traffic hazards. For instance, one must avoid overtaking. The tendency to overtake and switch busy lanes may lead to accidents. 

  1. Regular Servicing

Since the car is like a machine, it needs proper servicing as per schedule. The car road safety measure also includes checking for the brake, tyres, headlight and mirror condition to see if they are in tip-top shape. Any scratches or tyre tread wear warrants an immediate replacement. 

  1. Maintain Adequate Distance

Keep the optimum distance between the vehicles in front of you. Drive slowly so that you do not bump into them, even if the car abruptly stops.

  1. Use Car Windshields to Avoid Rain

Driving in the rainy atmosphere is quite a challenge. On such days one must take extra precautions to ensure car road safety. It stops rain from blurring the vision and flying objects and debris from cracking the windshield. 

  1. Check for Blind Spots

The blind spot is one of the main reasons for collisions. The blind spots will vary depending on the height and dimension of the vehicle. The drivers must adjust the wing mirrors according to the blind spot of their car so that they have visibility access to the blind spots. It ensures safe parking. It is also helpful in keeping a healthy distance from other vehicles. 

  1. Use Proper Headlights 

The headlights are a must-have for the car road safety. There are many types of headlights. For instance, one can use dipped beams which angle towards the ground. The full beam offers a dazzling light. The headlights aim to increase visibility.

The brightest type of headlight is the full beam. It has a high angle and light up most of the road in front of the car. Lastly, the brake light alerts the drivers behind the vehicle to slow down as they come to a halt. It reduces the odds of rear-end collisions. 

  1. Maintain Tyre Pressure 

To ensure the tyres have the same air pressure read the sidewalls to know the accurate range. Then check the tyre pressure with a TPMS. One can use the tyre pump to fill the air in the deflated tyres. 

  1. Do not Use Your Phone While Driving 

Last but not least, a common sense tip that every driver must adhere to is not to text or use the phone while driving.

All these car road safety measures will make the next ride as safe as it is smooth and comfortable. The safety accessories from Carorbis.com not only protect the drivers and the passengers from traffic hazards. 

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