The chemical formula for liquid detergent is not a single specific formula but rather a combination of various chemicals used in its formulation. Liquid detergents are complex mixtures that typically contain surfactants, builders, solvents, enzymes, fragrances, preservatives, and other additives.

As mentioned earlier, the main components found in liquid detergents are surfactants (such as linear alkylbenzene sulfonates, alcohol ethoxylates, and sodium lauryl sulfate) and builders (such as sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium citrate, and zeolites). Additionally, liquid detergents may contain solvents, enzymes, fragrances, preservatives, stabilizers, thickeners, and colorants.

The exact chemical formula for a particular liquid detergent product will liquid detergent production line depend on its specific formulation and the ingredients used by the manufacturer. Since there are numerous liquid detergent formulations available from different brands, each one will have its unique combination of chemicals and their respective chemical formulas.

For example, a specific liquid detergent product may have a formulation like:
Surfactant A: C12H25SO3Na
Surfactant B: C10H21O(CH2CH2O)5H
Builder: Na5P3O10
Solvent: C2H5OH
Enzyme: Notation for the specific enzyme used
Fragrance: Notation for the specific fragrance used
Preservative: Notation for the specific preservative used
Water: H2O

Again, the above example is just a representation to illustrate that a liquid detergent contains various chemicals, each with its chemical formula. The exact composition will vary depending on the product’s intended cleaning properties and the manufacturer’s proprietary formulation.

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